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The term configuration item refers to the fundamental structural unit of a configuration management system. The configuration-management system oversees the life of the CIs through a combination of processes and tools by implementing and enabling the fundamental elements of identification, change management, status accounting, and audits. This system aims to avoid the introduction of errors related to lack of testing as well as of incompatibilities with other CIs. In information technology, a configuration item is a component of a system that can be identified as a self-contained unit for purposes of change control and identification. In other words, version numbers and configuration item registration codes help in uniquely identifying configuration items. Configuration items play an important role in configuration management systems.

  • You cannot create, change, or delete the CI types that are defined in the Common Data Model.
  • Each configuration item’s listing and definition should act as a common vocabulary across all groups connected to the product.
  • As example test procedures are linked to the article being tested, As-Run test procedures are linked to the test procedure, and test reports are linked to the test procedure and the article being tested.
  • ITIL does not set any limitations on what attributes a CMDB should store.
  • If you provide this service alone to the customer they would be happy to use it on its own.
  • The Definitive Media Library is the secure repository in which the definitive authorized versions of all media, software, license CIs are stored and protected.
  • Item or aggregation of hardware, software, or both, that is designated for configuration management and treated as a single entity in the configuration management process.

For example, this text is in properties such as „Text“ and „Tooltip,“ and for some components perhaps in other properties as well. The SPEAK Component Reference has details about this for each of the components. The requirements analysis for the various components can be done in parallel by several development teams.

Service Lifecycle CI:

CMS is maintained by configuration management process and is used by all IT Service Management Processes. The National Stock Number , and when assigned, the Configuration Item Identifier , serial number, and military type designation information shall be marked on major assemblies, units, groups, and sets. Each type of configuration item should have certain properties, combination of which will be unique.

The CI is subject to acceptance verification based on established criteria. The use of the CI within a product can be traced in a robust status-accounting system. This article includes a list of references, related reading or external links, but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations.

Configuration Item (CI)

If you provide this service alone to the customer they would be happy to use it on its own. It’s discrete enough that you want to measure it; ideally governed by an SLA. Deprecated – In use by a business service but scheduled for end of life. Is the software cmdb called DML or this is something different from software cmdb. It may also contain source codes, object codes from controlled builds with official documentation.

definition of configuration item

In applications that have multiple pages, pages sometimes have configurations in common. You can create a folder for these shared or common configuration items, and point all pages that need the shared configurations to this folder instead of replicating the configuration for each page. Here, it is therefore a model transformation that makes the link between the engineering teams. It is less rigorous than CC1, with changes being grouped into version definition of configuration item releases, and the release process used to control the configuration identification. A separate inventory item specification should be prepared, as required, for each system, subsystem, prime item, or critical item in which inventory items are to be installed or that require the support of inventory items. Appendixes, one for each unique inventory item, cover requirements for the items aggregated to a particular inventory item specification.

Googling the words Configuration Items or the acronym CI will result in approximately 26,300,000 results. Very few of these results pertain to hardware configuration items yet most of the products manufactured for the Aerospace and Defense industry marketplace are hardware or consist of largely hardware. The definition of a configuration item isn’t based on size or whether it is the smallest component of a larger entity. Instead, it’s the level that makes the most sense for an organization to treat as a single entity.

What is Configuration Management System (CMS) in ITIL?

When viewing a list of CIs in the Configuration Items or Actual Configuration Items application, you can see which ones are top-level CIs by checking the Top-level column. Knowing which CIs are top-level is important because when you create authorized CIs by promoting actual CIs, you must choose actual CIs that correspond to the top-level authorized CIs for which you have defined promotion templates. In Part 2 of this series of CMsights posts on the use of configuration items we will explore why CIs are so important when maintaining the history of configurations during each stage of the “As-X” lifecycle of products, equipment, or complete systems.

All Business Services and Provider Services are aligned to Categories that also map up to the web site. It is the top level of the Service organization from the customer perspective. A category is a named group of things that have something in common. Configuration audits will be conducted to verify performance and product configuration . Means if your company follows go-green initiative, they may prefer to store everything in digital form in multiple data centers . Whereas a physical DML will store CD/DVD, physical software license copies etc in multiple physical locations (e.g.- different branches).

definition of configuration item

This topics describes and defines what the various items used in SPEAK applications are. The IT Ticket Toolbox can assist with the transition from Remedy ticketing to TeamDynamics service management. In today’s business world, managed services are more critical than ever. C 1-Lock records are available to the public or are issued to a school-wide or University-wide audience. Examples include course catalogues, bulletins, press releases, and student directory information.

The requirements to be met by a lower-level component are established and controlled via the Contractor’s design and engineering release process. Government control occurs only when changes to the lower level components impact the Government-baselined performance specification for the CI. Hardware devices will have some properties, database servers another and application and certificates again other properties.

What are Configuration Item (CI), CMDB, CMS and DML? | ITIL ITSM

This determination is an important part of planning for effective use of these processes. An actual CI represents an item in the environment; its attributes reflect its condition as determined by the discovery process. An authorized CI is a representation of a corresponding actual CI, reflecting only the attributes that you want to manage through the change management and configuration management processes. You can create authorized CIs from actual CIs using the promotion process. You can also create authorized CIs that do not correspond to actual CIs.

definition of configuration item

3.The external environment simulator completes the bus communication and hard-wired interface simulation between the flight control computer and the external system. Is a system part, to be acquired or designed and produced, in as many copies as the physical architecture requires, and for assembly with other items to form each system copy. When the service is active it is visible in the catalog and selectable from any process which allows the selection of the business service. The DML should include definitive copies of purchased software along with master copies of license documents and software documentation in electronic form. The Configuration Management Database also coordinates with Incident Management process for receiving updates on replaced components that need to be updated in the database. It is also to be noted that every CI should be managed under the control of change management.

More Definitions of Configuration Item

The Critical Design Review evaluates the design maturity since PDR and in some cases authorizes the contractor to start releasing engineering for production or in other cases to start fabrication. The Physical Configuration Audit assures that the item was built to the released engineering. The Functional Configuration Audit assures that the item meets all the requirements in the specification. There has been much discussion regarding configuration management and the use of configuration items in on-line forums and other on-line articles recently.

ITIL vs Lean Six Sigma: What’s the Difference?

CIs and the CIIs started out being unique to government procurements and have been embraced by many non-government industries as well over the last several decades. While some industries do not lend themselves to adoption of CIs we expect this trend of CI usage to continue in the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industries. Technical Specifications means the technical specifications set forth in Schedule 1 to the Agreement and to which, the STBs, CAS and SMS must comply with. The state of hardware and software entities in the service infrastructure that can be configured are represented as Configuration Items , each of which having a set of properties describing its current settings.

This category of software ranges from basic apps, which are able to apply… •Configuration baselines are established, and the ancestry of each baseline is both captured and accurate. 4.The aircraft model simulator completes the data operation of the aircraft motion equation. This field provides a link to records in the Facilities application that are related to this device.

The thing we call a Configuration Item and assigning a Configuration Item Identifier are part of Configuration Management Identification. The CII when combined with the item’s part number, serial number/lot number, and the Commercial and Government Entity code, definitively identifies a company’s product from any other company’s product. Contractor Software means software which is proprietary to the Contractor, including software which is or will be used by the Contractor for the purposes of providing the Services. Layout means a conceptual drawing sufficient to provide for the specified stormwater management facilities required at the time of approval.

Configuration records are stored in the CMDB and managed with the help of CMS. Organization CIs are internal to an organization and mainly refers to the internal documents. A status value, which represents the CI’s state in the lifecycle used for CIs of this classification. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States.

Developing contractors should participate in the selection process and provide recommendations based upon engineering or other technical considerations. Selected items of system hardware or software , in which the Government or acquiring activity has configuration management concern, are designated as Configuration Items . Customer Systems means the Customer’s information technology infrastructure, including computers, software, hardware, databases, electronic systems , and networks, whether operated by Customer or through the use of third-party services. If you do not use configuration items, texts are stored as component properties, and the translation tools do not work for these texts. Some components use configuration item templates that do more than replicate the properties of the component. The descriptions of the components in the SPEAK Component Reference describe what these templates are and how you use them.

A C2b specification is applicable to a critical item when a detailed design disclosure needs to be made available or where it is considered that adequate performance can be achieved by adherence to a set of detailed drawings and required processes. Several configuration items can be grouped into a prime item, thus defining the product breakdown structure. The most frequent types of items are, in particular, hardware configuration items , computer software configuration items , interface configuration items , non-developed configuration items or commercial off-the-shelf configuration items . In this context, it is very important to remember that all CIs are service assets, but all service assets are not configuration items . A baseline configuration is a set of specifications for a system, or Configuration Item within a system, that has been formally reviewed and agreed on at a given point in time, and which can be changed only through change control procedures.


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