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What type of power cord does it take to hookup a lap top t a tv

You will find two ways for connecting your notebook to your TV. One uses cables, as well as the other runs on the wireless method like Chromecast or Apple TV.


The easiest and the majority common method to hook up a laptop on your TV is using an HDMI cable. These kinds of cables come in a number of lengths and show multiple input/output ports. They’re also available on a large number of projectors and AV receivers.

Nevertheless , some mature TVs and laptops should not have these contemporary connections. In such a case, you’ll need to obtain a converter that converts out of HDMI to VGA.

You may also get a USB-C to HIGH-DEFINITION MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE adapter, which you plug into the laptop’s USB-C slot and then an HDMI cable connection into the card. This is certainly a great way to connect the laptop on your TV, and works for the majority of newer laptops that don’t have a great HDMI port.

Alternatively, you could attempt an HDMI switch to turn a single port into multiple ones. These are cheap equipment, and you can usually find one upon Amazon for less than $10.

There’s also a third way for connecting your notebook computer to your TV SET if you don’t have virtually any HDMI jacks, which involves running a wire from the laptop to a Video’s S-Video slot. This isn’t because convenient as it was previously, but is actually still possible to do.


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